Turning “weakness” into strength.

When I was in my twenties, Dad used to tease me about holding down a job for longer than 3 months… or staying in one apartment… or city. One year, I registered for a PO Box for mail delivery, because I was getting callouses from filling out the change of address forms.

My standard reply: Life’s short; there’s a lot I want to do.

But I started thinking that maybe I was supposed to know what I wanted to do at 17 and that 4 years of University wasn’t supposed to loom like a tidal wave, ready to crush my soul. I started questioning whether I was flawed.

Then I began to connect the dots – which is one of the reasons I devour so many things: perpetual dot-connecter. And I realized that I performed at my best and felt most engaged, passionate and purposeful when I chose short-term work or projects. It was actually my strength! Knowing myself better, I now work in tandem with this ally.

It not only becomes about self-awareness, but about self-care. When I forced myself to remain somewhere that had outlived its purpose, my stress levels and health took a beating. Once I allowed myself to work with my more natural rhythms, inspiration, productivity and well-being all improved.

I allowed my “weakness” to lead my choices, in fact, I invited it to, and it led me through a variety of alternative wellness studies and into several published books. I am grateful to have discovered this “strength”.

Let’s discover your strengths.

Society, family and community set standards as to what they consider a weakness.

We often go through life accepting these standards and owning these weaknesses in ourselves. We feel like we need to work around them, occasionally apologizing for them and regularly criticizing ourselves for having them.

But what if these “weaknesses” are actually your strengths?

What if you can learn from them and empower them to inspire your work and your life?

In this 2-hour workshop, we will examine our “weaknesses” and investigate creative opportunities for learning from them, and allow them to help us live a more balanced and inspired life.

Workshop includes a meditation to assist with communication with your “weaknesses”.

We will transform these weaknesses into strengths, and reclaim them as powerful allies.


Thursday, June 22nd


Bearspaw Historical Society Barn,

5 minutes NW of Calgary

$40 per person

Tea and chocolate included

For more information, the address, or to reserve your space, complete the form below.