People usually find me when something in their life is about to shift. Strange but there it is. Sometimes it’s a big shift like a change in work, marriage or health. Buckminster Fuller coined a term that Dr. Jean Houston introduced me to years ago and it still sticks with me: Emergence through emergency. My emergence came through spinal injury. The emergence of my spiritual awareness, the ability to hear Nature’s stories and in turn become the storyteller. My deep listening emerged. Gratitude took me like a tidal wave.

Sometimes it’s subtle. You don’t feel the way you used to. The ‘self-care’ practices that once eased your body and mind have lost their effect or you feel restless to write your story or share your wisdom. Stories are funny that way: they won’t let you go until you finally agree to tell them.

Perhaps it’s even subtler: your dreams are trying to get your attention or your intuition is emerging beneath the noise of daily life. Maybe you hear the call to help more people through your work or simply find stillness.

Let’s talk about what’s emerging for you.

My focus is on simplicity, support and effectiveness. I make it easy for us to work together on your specific needs by offering private online or in-person sessions. No complicated courses, log-ins or extra steps. You contact me below for a free consult, we talk about how we can work together and how I can be of benefit to you, then we schedule your session(s).

You might simply need me to help you workshop the back cover copy of your book or identify a meditation/self-care practice. Or you may need 6-week support with a wellness plan or publishing plan. If you require accountability and guidance with writing and/or publishing your book, a more in-depth program is available to you here.

Whatever your needs – to empower your work through writing your book or empowering yourself through body/mind/spirit practices – I look forward to working with you.