If you are looking for an Angel to help you with your book – Stephanie is it!

As a new author I have truly enjoyed and greatly benefitted from working with Stephanie. The process and steps to getting me to my goal were laid out very clearly, making the journey seem manageable and gave me the perspective I needed. Every check in we did was always relevant to where I was in the process, as Stephanie was able to sense and anticipate where I was and what would be next. I highly recommend working with Stephanie, as you will receive the much needed guidance and support!

~Malcolm Saunders, Author of Elixir Life, Owner & Creative Visionary at thelightcellar.ca

Writing coaching $789/month

Maybe you don’t have a manuscript per se.

If you are a professional who is serious about sharing your expertise with the world, chances are you are closer to a book than you know. If you have a collection of recipes, presentations, workshops, and anecdotes, you’ve already done the work. Now you need to organize and disseminate it. I can help.

Writing coaching includes one 60-minute coaching session per week (4 sessions per month), feedback on up to 2500 words per week, plus email support.

Time is passing. You can either commit, show up and bring your creative project into the world, or continue with status quo and still be wishing, pondering and dreaming about your project months from now.

This coaching program may find you completing the first draft of your self-help, how-to, recipe, children’s book or even memoir.

Let’s have a conversation and discover if we’re a good fit.

Publishing Coaching $499/month

Traditional publishing? Self-publishing? Hybrid publishing? If you’re frustrated by the amount of information you have to wade through in order to make your book a reality,

I can help.

It took me over 6 months, working with a coach, to self-publish my first book. It took me 6 weeks on my own to self-publish the second and 10 days to publish the third (I don’t recommend that, but it’s possible). I’ve self-published 13 books in 4 years.

Make a big impact with your book while making a small impact on the environment.

We include in our indie publishing semester together a marketing brainstorming session to generate creative ideas and opportunities for sharing and selling your work, and to build giving-back into your finished project if you so choose. I am passionate about building sustainability into my work. Publishing a book doesn’t need to be hard on the environment. We will explore the many ways you can lessen your publishing footprint.

If holding your book in your hand as a published author is a dream for you, let’s make it a reality.

My offer to you, if you are truly serious about bringing your creative project into the world through self-directed/indie publishing guidance, is this:

  • an initial conversation around you, your book, your plans for your work, your budget and your timeline.
  • weekly coaching sessions (one 60-minute session per week, 4 sessions per month
  • email support

We will cover:

  • the steps involved in getting your book ready for publication
  • which publishing channels are right for you
  • how you wish to use your book with your business (if applicable)
  • beta readers
  • setting up a book launch
  • crowdfunding (if applicable)
  • where your book is best of benefit in the world
  • details that pop up along the way

A la cart services for writers:

  • interior book formatting and design
  • discovery session to identify your book’s budget, timeline, market and best publishing route
  • getting your book on Amazon/Kobo/Barnes & Noble/Chapters