Begin October 30th.

7 weeks of nourishment: body, mind and spirit.

Foods, aromatherapy, mantra, meditation, breath work, yoga, journaling, visualizations, gemstones, and exercises to assist you in bringing chakra practices and awareness into your everyday life.

The chakra system is known cross-culturally, from Japanese healing arts to Yogic studies and Shamanic practices. This elusive energy system is making itself known in the west as a pathway to healing.

We will explore the 7 main energy centres in the body and tune in to their energy fields within you and your life. As energy moves through these centres we may feel the effects on our emotional and physical lives. Midlife tends to be a time when we feel this movement of energy most strongly.

According to Barbara Hand Clow, kundalini energy rises naturally through the body during midlife. This can feel and appear as midlife crisis. Sometimes there is illness or injury, eruptive moods and increased monkey-mind. There is a purpose for this timing and energy rise and if we enter this time and engage in this process with knowledge and awareness, we can participate in the rising instead of fight it or fall victim to it.

“… personal midlife crisis resolution will release our creativity back to the planet, and that is why midlife crisis is both a personal and planetary issue.” ~ Barbara Hand Clow, Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini

We can use this time to open ourselves to enhanced levels of creativity, relationships, healing, insight and connection in order to “release our creativity back to the planet.”

We can use this time to rise.

Come, have fun while exploring the road map that is your chakras. Let this map lead you to  create a solid foundation, deepen relationships, enhance play and creativity, assist in forgiveness, compassion and self-care, open the pathway to clear, conscious communication, develop intuition and insight, connect to universal consciousness.

Let this map lead you to awareness and participation in the rising of energy. Let this map lead you to you.

Connect with a group of amazing women. We meet once a week for 2 hours over the course of 7 weeks. Sundays from 1-3pm in my private home sanctuary in Tuscany NW Calgary. This comfortable environment allows you to relax in sacred space while giving me easy access to all the components of our program: from chakra elixirs and teas to aromatherapy and sound therapy.

Due to the intimate size of the sanctuary, I have space for 8 women in this program. Please register early. You may forward a deposit to secure your space.

We begin October 30th

Total program fee: $389

$100 deposit required to secure your space. Register via email. Further information will be forwarded to you regarding location and what to bring to each session.

Kundalini will rise whether you’re ready or not. The only question is … will you rise with it?

Register now to hold your space.

My story:

At 31 years-old I thought I had everything: successful personal trainer, loving fiancé, financial stability, freedom, fun and excellent health. Then my lower spine decided one day that it would no longer support me. I spent 33 days bed-ridden, unable to move. I had to leave my clients and my personal training career. My fiancé had to carry me to the bathroom (there’s a relationship tester). After nearly 20 years of athletics, of exceptional physical condition, I was immobilized.

I managed to get back on my feet eventually. Married, 2 children and working back in the world of real estate, I managed to return to exercise and training clients from home. But my spine still wouldn’t cooperate. A sneeze would make my knees buckle. I had to find crazy positions for my body in order to pick my daughter up from her crib without seizing my back.

Finally, an MRI revealed the damage to my spine. The results came at the exact time I received an invitation to join a year in yoga: a journey through the chakras. I had no idea kundalini energy would rise whether I knew of it or not. I had no idea my initial spinal injury was a precursor to that rising. And I had no idea that the year of chakra practice would prepare me to move through the following years of this rising energy without losing my mind.

Mid-life is like 2nd puberty. It isn’t a month or a year of transition and erratic emotional and physical change. It is a period of time, different for each person but still lasting as long as first puberty: what was then age 12-18 is now age 38-45. Again, different for each person.

Mood swings, health challenges, relationship issues. It appears differently to different people. For me it came very physically and hit me hard where I enjoyed not only my health but also my freedom and livelihood.

What came from my injuries, my pain, my struggle, and my studies, practices, reflection, trial and error, and multitude of journaling was indeed what Barbara Hand Clow spoke of: a release of my creativity back to the planet. I began to write. I began to explore the most beautiful practices and in turn teach them to others. I began to create workshops and retreats. Create recipes for vibrant, foods and body-care. I began to create ritual and nourishing routines. I began to create a deeper relationship with the natural and supernatural world. I began to create avenues for witnessing pain and darkness and for inviting joy and lightness. I began to create a loving friendship with myself.

Life is not all fluffy kittens and rainbows. But it is awareness. And it is gratitude. And it is supported community. And it is falling back in love with Nature. And it is meeting who you are. And it is enough.

“Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.” ~ Saint Augustine

We will start in root chakra and our foundation. From there we will rise.