Rewrite Your Health

March 11th, 2017 9am -5pm

Therapeutic writing day-retreat

W.O. Mitchell Retreat Centre (northwest of Calgary)

$150 per person – snacks, lunch, teas and materials included

Have you ever tried something – a new nutrition program, new exercise or meditation, new healing modality or practice – and found that it worked for a while but then the old symptoms, behaviour, agitation returned.

We have stories cycling through our minds and bodies. They are patterned in our cells and energy bodies. These running stories run our lives, often showing up in our health.

We will use this day to retrieve stories that are repeatedly appearing in our thoughts, conversations and physical bodies. Through movement we can access these stories and through writing we can acknowledge them and set them free. Then we will write a new story.

Therapeutic writing had been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. It has also been shown to reduce physical issues in the body such as migraines, arthritis and joint pain, stomach and digestive issues, among others.

We will move between writing practices and complementary healing modalities throughout our day together.

  • Explore movement breaks through yoga, qigong and nature walks.
  • Use breathing, art and meditation to inspire calm, clarity and creativity.
  • Enjoy lunch, teas and snacks at the beautiful W.O. Mitchell Retreat Centre and 18 acres of nature. 

10% of proceeds donated to Fuel for School.

After debilitating spinal injuries, I have practiced and trained in many alternative modalities over the years. I have found a practice as beneficial to healing as yoga, meditation, qigong, EFT, and the myriad other practices available today. That practice is writing. I have combined these nourishing practices into one lovely day in nature and community. Please join me.

I look forward to spending the day together and rewriting your health with you!      Stephanie

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There are no refunds after March 1st.