It’s only when we go on retreat, that we realize how much we needed to go on retreat!

When we take the time to unplug from our regular schedule and plug into nature, creativity, and connection with our bodies and breath, we return to daily life rejuvenated and refreshed, and available to offer more of ourselves and our gifts to our work, families and communities.

Create the space for regular retreat. I have been facilitating day and weekend experiences for 7 years, and I never cease to marvel at the magnificent community of women who join me, and the fresh insights and connections that retreat inspires. I hope you’ll join me this year.

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Rewrite Your Health

March 11th, 2017          9am -5pm

Therapeutic writing day-retreat

W.O. Mitchell Retreat Centre (northwest of Calgary)

$150 per person

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Yoga, journaling and nature retreat

May 27, 28th 2017

More info to come soon.

Horsing Around

September 16/17th, 2017

W.O. Mitchell Retreat Centre

More info to come soon.


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