Digital Detox

This week we lose the electronics. Less screen time = more ME time. More time to do your practices.
It is important to set the tone at the start of the day and before bed. These 2 times are key to your well-being.


This week, power off your devices by a certain time, perhaps it’s 7pm, maybe it’s 8pm. Aim for no later than 8:30pm.
And commit to not powering up again until 2 hours after you awake. Use your morning time for self-care, breakfast, getting kids to school or yourself to the office and setting a tone for your day. You can make it your daily journal exercise: “Today I am….. grateful…energized…calm…productive…creative…peaceful.

A morning practice I enjoy is writing down the 3 most important things I need to do that day and focus on their completion. This may be 3 items related to publishing my book, or often it’s 2 work items and a long walk in nature or a self-care practice if I haven’t made the time recently. The practice is taking the time to check in to what’s important to me this day and making that a priority… and knowing that just completing those 3 things is enough. Some days it is sending out a thank you card or prepping the evening’s dinner in advance.


Use your morning for hot water practice, breath work, a morning walk, yoga or writing.
Rather than allow your emails or newsfeed to set the tone for your day, spend time with yourself/family and choose the tone you intend.
Again, in the evening, don’t allow your social media, TV programs, work emails, or texts from friends to end your day. Power off at least 2 hours before bed. Spend this time cleaning up from your day so you are ready for the next day, tend to your family and self, do your self-abhyanga and bath, alternate nostril breathing and complete your day with a note or 2 in your journal.


Get outside! Whether you meditate on the front step before sunrise or enjoy a noon or post-work walk, get outdoors and soak up nature. Breathe deep. Release tension. Listen. Relax and open to the healing, loving energy of nature. Rather than turn on the TV in the evening or surf social media – grab your dog, friend, neighbour, husband, children or your lovely self and get outdoors. Breathe as if all the life force you could ever need is found in the air outside. And smile. Inhale peace, contentment, ease, exhale harmony, happiness and joy.

This week, bring all your practices together.

Deepen your experience and commitment for the next 7 days.
Morning practice of hot water
Daily Self-abhyanga/dry brushing/salt bath
Evening foot rubs and alternate nostril breathing.
Keep eating vibrant, warming, nourishing foods.
You may want to add immune-boosting benefits of ashwaghanda, a traditional ayurvedic herb, or chaga mushroom powder (both found at the Light Cellar in Bowness) to your chai tea, soups or stews.

“Have a namasté day today. Look into the eyes of everyone you meet and silently honor his or her soul. Say silently, ‘I honor the light within you, which is the same as the light within me. And I know, we are one.” ~ Michelle S. Fondin, The Wheel of Healing: An Easy Guide to an Ayurvedic Lifestyle