There’s power in numbers. And there’s power in nourishment.

Enjoy the support of community as you nourish: body, mind and spirit.

Inspired by one of our world’s most ancient and comprehensive sciences, Ayurveda. This 5000 year-old science of life and sister science of yoga brings powerful practices to help restore balance to your health and your life, naturally.

Vibrant, fresh, dosha-inspired recipes for each season. No deprivation, supplements or powdered drinks. It’s about whole, natural foods and tantalized taste buds.

Simple practices enhance your daily routine, providing lasting wellness rituals. Previous participants reported weight loss, relief from joint pain, improved sleep, better skin, increased energy and deepened sense of relaxation.

Spring and fall 21-day programs

12 Days of Detox December program

New Year 3-day reset.

All 4 programs are free.

We meet online in a private Facebook group where you receive vibrant recipes, Ayurvedic self-care practices and community support.

Take time throughout the year to Nourish yourself!

Spring 2017 detox begins March 1st!

Register below or find Nourish! Spring detox on Facebook and request to be added to the group. Once you are added, you will enjoy all upcoming detox programs as you like.

May we all be nourished!