Anna and the Earth Angel

Read a story. Plant a tree!

I love to read a great children’s story. And I love nature. I’ve brought them together in Anna and the Earth Angel. Every print copy sold plants a tree! Not only are you sharing in Anna’s first adventure but you are also helping to grow a forest.

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Anna and the Tree Fort

Read a story. Plant a tree! “It doesn’t look safe, Jeremy,” said Anna. “For you or the coulee.” Anna loves her peaceful walks to school through the coulee. But one day Anna stumbles across a kid-constructed tree fort that threatens to harm more than the trees. Anna has to act fast in order to save…

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Anna and the Food Forest

Our champion of nature is back! This time she’s on a mission to level the playing field … literally … and turn it into a food forest. In this third book in the series, Anna takes on the issue of food security after a visit to a sister school opens her eyes to the inequalities…

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This program is inspired by one of our world’s most ancient and comprehensive sciences, Ayurveda. India’s 5000-year-old science of life, and sister science of yoga, brings powerful practices to help restore balance to your body, mind and spirit, naturally.

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Grandfather Grasshopper

When Charlie’s grandfather died, Charlie’s world turned grey. But suddenly, Charlie encounters an unexpected friend who shares a little magic and nature wisdom with him. Soon, Charlie is back on his feet. This sweet story of nature’s helpers brings support to kids (and adults) who have lost a loved one. Order your hardcover copy of…

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New release!

It’s here! Released ahead of schedule to spread inspiration. Only available in ebook. Order your copy and enjoy today! “I would 100% recommend this (book) to others! I am feeling so empowered and fired up to follow my curiosities and intuition and own my power!” – Emily, Calgary, Alberta

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“…the narrator’s growth over her year of yoga is inspiring, funny, and heartwarming…” ~The BookLife Prize “…a profound and thought-provoking read in which the author shares her journey through motherhood, family, and work.” ~Readers’ Favorite She lost her career to a spinal injury. She lost herself to motherhood. Then Stephanie’s best friend invited her to…

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